It is well known that the Celebrity term invented during the information era isn’t actually something very stable or solid. Time goes by,Guest Posting the superstars become just stars and then become forgotten. The easiest ways to keep up the ratings are scandals so lawsuits and celebrities usually walk hand in hand. Of course there is a big part of celebrity lawsuits that have nothing to do with drugs, sex or popularity. Such lawsuits happen simply because people are popular and all the small details of their lives are bait for the press sharks, who want to keep the ratings of their newspapers high. So basically it is also hunt for popularity but in a twisted way.


While most of the celebrity lawsuits are personal injury cases if we look through some of the biggest celebrity lawsuits of 2008 we will find some unusual examples. The huge success of Sacha Baron Cohens’ movie Borat brought him fame, money and a pile of lawsuits. While the most people who are made fun of in this mockumentary were Americans, the people who were mostly accused were the Kazakhstan government and most recently the Romanian villagers who were shown in the beginning of the movie. After they understood that this all was a huge joke they sued Cohen, but lost because each of the plaintiffs had signed an “explicit waiver” with “unambiguous” language Stay informed and, thus, the waiver agreements were enforceable.


The celebrities are also often ignoring rules in various public places, maybe it is required for keeping the image or maybe it is a consequence of a constant pressure from the press and fans. One of the most popular examples is Any Winehouse, she is regularly sued for ignoring the law. In her case it is definitely required to uphold the image of a rebellious jazz girl, an unusual style for a jazz diva; it is actually more suitable for a rock star or a rapper.


Another type of celebrity lawsuits is connected to spreading information. The most targeted people here are past spouses, nurses and various house workers. An image of celebrity can be destroyed even easier than an image of an ordinary person. In this personal injury case the consequences for a star can be dramatic, a celebrity can loose multimillion contracts. Imagine what can happen for example to career of a child entertainer if his or her sex tapes get on the Internet. If we look at the percentage of 2008 celebrity lawsuits the most ones are connected to this type of violation. It is the weakest spot of the popular people and they can spend millions of dollars on lawyers to preserve their image. In some cases the websites or magazines can be sued for publishing fake info just to get readers attention. Unfortunately today if information is put on the Internet it is almost impossible to remove it and the only thing that is left is to sue the people who have provided the information or demand that they publish a disclaimer.

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